The Tent™

Powerful protection
for EMS professionals

Emergency medical service professionals have always been courageous. They rush to the scene of accidents and healthcare emergencies where they may face both physical dangers as well as the risk of infection from serious pathogens such as TB, MERS, SARS-CoV-2, and many others. We admire their bravery, and to support them in the best way possible, we collaborated with EMS professionals to create The Tent™, an extra layer of protection from infectious respiratory disease that keeps them safer and meets their needs from the field to the hospital. While they protect us, we protect them.

The Tent™ is a transparent, easy-to-use covering that fits snugly over a gurney, offering continuous protection for EMS workers, from emergency site to hospital. And it’s made in America. Watch our video to see how and why The Tent™ may be one of the most important new safety products in the emergency medical field.



Fast setup keeps EMS workers protected and safe from coughing patients.



Flexible device provides protection in many different scenarios.


Full Patient

Side and head resealable ports allow ample room to freely administer care.



Single use product can be removed in an instant and then disposed.

Pitch and Protect

Why Every EMS worker should have access to The Tent™

The Tent™ keeps EMS workers safe from coughing patients, while enabling them to administer care without delay. An extra layer of safety for EMS workers, The Tent™ is compact and portable, lies flat for storage, and is fast and easy to deploy and attach to a gurney. Side and head resealable access ports allow EMS workers to have quick and complete access to their patients while maintaining cough splatter protection. Quality plastic offers a clear view and easy communication. Fully tested to the highest FDA standards, The Tent™ fits easily in ambulances and can be removed in an instant when needed. The Tent™. The fast, easy and effective way to keep EMS workers safer from airborne infections.

Ambulance Transports
Emergency Room Visits
Elderly Care Facilities
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